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Texas Farm Bureau Overtime Litigation Lawyers

Williams Hart is honored to announce its campaign to protect the working conditions of Texas Farm Bureau insurance agents in the lawsuit known as English v. Texas Farm Bureau et al. The basis for the lawsuit is straightforward. The current and former agents allege that their working conditions entitle them to overtime pay for overtime worked under a federal law called the Fair Labor Standards Act.

What working conditions give rise to the suit? The Agents maintain that while they were promised that they would be their own bosses in charge of their own businesses, they allege that the Texas Farm Bureau controlled their work like a regular employee. Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, agents who are treated like employees may have a federal right to receive overtime pay when they work more than 40 hours in a week. If you are an agent in this situation, contact the Texas Farm Bureau unpaid overtime attorneys with Williams Hart to learn more about how you may be able to recover overtime pay you may be owed. Call (713) 230-2384 to set up your free consultation.

Qualifying for a Texas Farm Bureau Overtime Lawsuit

According to the lawsuit, the agents allege that they have been improperly classified as independent contractors rather than employees. (To learn more about the agents’ claims, click here for a copy of the lawsuit.) The agents allege that under the FLSA, they are employees entitled to 1.5 times normal pay when working more than 40 hours in a given week.  If the Agents claims are successful, they will seek overtime pay under the FLSA. 

Texas Farm Bureau responded to the lawsuit, denied the Agents’ allegations, and raised defenses to the claims, including the defense that agents are exempt from the FLSA as outside salespeople.  If Agents are exempt, they are not entitled to overtime. (Click here for Texas Farm Bureau and Southern Farm Bureau Life’s answers to the lawsuit). Agents who have joined the lawsuit dispute that they are exempt.

If you are a Texas Farm Bureau agent and have experienced this kind of treatment by the company without receiving overtime pay, you may be entitled to compensation. Under the FLSA, Texas Farm Bureau is prohibited from firing or retaliating against Agents who join.

Furthermore, the Agents in English v. Texas Farm Bureau et al. are not the first group to accuse the company of unfair labor standards. A separate group of agency managers has already made similar allegations in another case, Ferguson v. Texas Farm Bureau et al., which was filed earlier last year.

What You Stand to Gain from a Texas Farm Bureau Overtime Lawsuit

Joining an unpaid overtime lawsuit could potentially help you to win the fair compensation you may deserve. The exact amount of damages you would be able to recover depends on how much overtime pay you’ve rightfully earned and whether you are exempt from the FLSA. If a federal court agrees that the Agents in the Texas Farm Bureau case are being treated as employees, are not exempt from the FLSA, and are therefore entitled to overtime pay, anyone who joins the suit may potentially receive a sum of money in back pay and penalties.

For non-exempt employees, the FLSA requires 1.5 times normal pay for any hours beyond 40 worked in a single week. This means that if Texas Farm Bureau paid you at your normal rate for any hours beyond 40 in a single week, you could be entitled to an additional 50 percent of your normal rate for every hour of overtime you’ve worked for them. Additionally, you may be entitled to ‘liquidated damages’ equal to the amount of unpaid overtime as a penalty for their unfair treatment of workers. This means that, in effect, you could stand to win a total of twice the amount of overtime pay Texas Farm Bureau may owe you.

Contact a Texas Farm Bureau Unpaid Overtime Lawyer

Our nation’s labor laws are there to protect hard workers like you from unfair treatment by employers. An experienced overtime pay lawyer from Williams Hart can help you understand your rights as a worker. If you’re a former or current Texas Farm Bureau agent and you think you may also qualify for overtime pay, please fill out this form. We’ll tell you free of charge whether you may be entitled to get overtime pay specified under federal law.

At Williams Hart, we are committed to helping hardworking Texans get the compensation they’ve earned, and this overtime pay lawsuit against Texas Farm Bureau is a part of that commitment. Our Texas Farm Bureau overtime pay attorneys are ready to stand up for your rights and increase your chances of being compensated for unpaid overtime. Contact Williams Hart online or call us today at (713) 230-2384 to learn about how we help employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

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