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Houston Shareholder Rights Attorneys

When a person purchases shares of stock in a corporation, certain shareholder rights are given. Though rights vary based on the corporation and the size of the share, common rights include the ability to vote on company issues and earn dividends. Being a shareholder in a corporation can offer great financial return during successful times, and provides an opportunity for your voice to be heard during struggles such as bankruptcy. Unfortunately, it is possible that your shareholder rights will be impeded by illegal actions or circumstances. However, an attorney will likely be able to help you overcome these hurdles.

At Williams Hart, our Houston shareholder rights attorneys understand the importance of protecting your rights as a shareholder. Our legal team believes protecting your rights as a shareholder is an important way to protect your finances. Take action if your rights have been violated.

Common Legal Issues of Shareholder Rights

Disputed investments can be nasty. When a person invests in a company, they are committing their own resources to helping the company grow. They can feel personal invested in the company, making breaches in their rights all the more painful. Below are some of the most common issues that arise concerning shareholder rights:

  • Breach of Shareholder Agreement
  • Dissenters’ Rights
  • Minority Oppression

If you are experiencing one of the above problems with your shareholder rights, you are not getting the deal you were expecting when you invested in the company. Violating a shareholder’s rights in no way to repay the individuals who have invested their own capital in your company. If you are going through a dispute concerning your shareholder rights, an attorney may be able to help you voice and ultimately settle your concerns.

Laws Regarding Shareholder Rights

While there are many laws that vary between states, there are two important laws that help govern shareholder’s rights:

  1. Corporate and Financial Institution Compensation Fairness Act of 2009 – This act gives shareholders the right to vote on the compensation of executives. It also prohibits immoral practices in regards to the compensation by commercial enterprises.
  2. Shareholder Bill of Rights Act of 2009 – This bill allows shareholders to play a role in the selection and payment of the executives of the particular company.

If you feel that your rights as a shareholder have been interrupted in respect to either of the above acts, you may have a viable case.

Contact a Shareholder Rights Attorney in Houston

Shareholder rights are an important part of keeping corporate executives in check and making sure your investments pay off. When your shareholder rights are taken away, you could suffer severe consequences, especially financially. At Williams Hart, our shareholder rights attorneys know how unfortunate and stressful violations in your rights as a shareholder can be. Our Houston legal team is prepared to help you fight for your rights as protected by the law. To speak with a Houston shareholder rights attorney, call us today at (713) 230-2200.

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