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Houston Securities Litigation Lawyer

When you hire a securities and investment firm to handle your investments and savings, you have a reasonable expectation that the company or individual will act in good faith to protect your money and deliver the service that you signed up for. The actions of a dishonest investment adviser or stockbroker can be enough to cause irreparable harm to your investments, your financial security, and your future. As devastating as it can be when your investments take a hit, it is important to remember that investors are protected under a range of state and federal trade laws. As such, there is a good chance you will be able to take legal action against whoever is found to be responsible for the illegal or unethical actions that culminated in your losses.

At Williams Hart, our Houston securities litigation attorneys understand just how much may be riding on the outcome of this claim, and we can develop an aggressive legal strategy to help you pursue litigation against the responsible party. Though the prospect of taking legal action against a well-financed securities company may seem daunting, our attorneys have the experience and resources you need to aggressively pursue compensation for your losses.

Working with a Securities and Investment Litigation Attorney

Unfortunately, there is a veritable laundry list of illegal and unethical actions by which securities and investment companies and individual brokers have been known to lose their investors’ holdings. That being said, our legal team is prepared to pursue a line of litigation against any company or individual whose unethical or illegal actions have adversely affected your investments, including but not limited to cases alleging the following:

  • Insider Trading
  • Unauthorized Trading
  • Misrepresentation or Nondisclosure
  • Market Manipulation
  • Investment Scams
  • Misappropriation

Whatever the particulars of your situation happen to be, our attorneys can help you understand all of the legal avenues by which you may be able to take action against the securities company or broker responsible for your losses.

Consult with a Securities Litigation Attorney in Houston

If your financial holdings have been affected by the illegal or otherwise unethical actions of a securities company or individual broker, you should reach out to an attorney immediately. To speak with a Houston securities litigation lawyer from Williams Hart about the economic damages associated with your case and what we can do to help you pursue financial recovery, please call our offices at (713) 230-2200 today.

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