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Houston Patent Infringement Lawyers

Patents are a commonly used legal tool to protect your intellectual property. Unfortunately, even with a patent in place, intellectual property may be threatened by infringing individuals or companies. When someone uses, produces, or sells a patented product, they are guilty of patent infringement. Patent infringement can cause serious financial harm to your business. Federal law governs patent infringement, making the legalities of patents difficult to navigate without the help of an experienced lawyer.

At Williams Hart, our Houston patent infringement lawyers understand how important it is to protect your patent against illegal infringement. Our legal team knows that protecting your intellectual property is essential to the financial success of your business, and strive to help you protect your legal rights.

Litigation Information

Filing a lawsuit against an infringing party will not only help stop the party’s activities, but may also allow you be compensated by that party. Unauthorized use of a patent is serious, so a patent holder must go to federal district court if they wish to sue. Also, the patent holder may only sue the infringing party within six years of the incident. Hiring an experienced attorney will help you to prove the validity of your patent and infringement on the behalf of another party.

Types of Patent Infringement

Patent infringement may occur in a variety of ways, including the following:

  • Contributory Infringement – Contributory infringement occurs when a patented part is supplied to a company that uses that part for an infringing use.
  • Direct Infringement – Direct infringement occurs when a party manufactures a patented product without the permission of the patent holding party.
  • Indirect Infringement – Indirect infringement occurs when a party helps or supports another party in infringing a patent.
  • Literal Infringement – Literal infringement occurs when the infringing product or action directly corresponds with the wording in the patent claim.
  • Willful Infringement – Willful infringement occurs when the infringement was done intentionally, and is continued after notice of infringement. Willful infringement can lead to the infringing party paying up to three times the amount in damages to the patent holding party.

Contact a Patent Infringement Lawyer in Houston

Patent infringement is a complex type of litigation, so having an experienced lawyer on your side will significantly help your odds of recovering losses. Our patent infringement lawyers at the law office of Williams Hart know how harmful an infringing party can be to your livelihood, and are prepared to protect your patent as well as your legal rights. To speak with a member of our legal team that has been serving Houston for over 30 years, call (713) 230-2200 today.

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