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Houston Partnership Disputes Attorneys

Working with a business partner has many benefits and often makes a business more successful. However, even if your business partner is a close friend or loved one, disputes may occur. Many partnership disputes quickly turn bitter, causing them to be among the most stressful moments in your career. Luckily, an attorney may be able to help you reach an agreement with your partner or, should the dispute lead to an irreparable situation, protect your rights and assets

At Williams Hart, our partnership disputes attorneys know how trying a partnership dispute can be for both your personal and professional life. Our Houston legal team has experience in taking preventative measures, as well as measures that will help in the event that a dispute arises. Additionally, our attorneys have experience in navigating the legal aspects of these kinds of disputes and recovering financial losses.

Ways an Attorney can Help with Partnership Disputes

Should you feel concern about a partnership dispute now, or want to avoid one in the future, an attorney can offer help in numerous ways. The most common reasons to seek help from an attorney with partnership-related matters include:

  • Partnership Agreements: Enlisting the help of an attorney to form a partnership agreement is a great preventative measure, as it may reduce the chances of future disputes. An attorney can help specify the agreement to meet the needs of your particular business and situation. Investing in an attorney to form a partnership agreement now costs far less than litigating a future dispute that likely would have been prevented through the agreement.
  • Mediation: Should a dispute occur, mediation may be the least time consuming and most cost effective way to come to an agreement, be that a settlement of the dispute or ending the partnership altogether. Your attorney can mediate the dispute in a way that is typically much more civil than going to court. Your attorney can also present your side to a mediator, eliminating charged emotions from the situation. Should mediation prove ineffective and you and your partner wish to end the partnership, amicable separation may be possible.
  • Litigation: If mediation did not prove an adequate means of settling your partnership dispute, you will likely need an attorney to help litigate your case. An attorney can help explain the pros and cons of different legal actions, as well as help you navigate the action you choose.

If you feel that any of the above actions may be necessary for you and your business partner, you should contact an attorney as soon as possible.

Contact a Partnership Disputes Attorney in Houston

Preventing a partnership dispute through a partnership agreement can save you from emotional and financial turmoil in the future. Should a dispute arise, an attorney can also help you find an end to the dispute quickly and effectively. Our partnership dispute attorneys at Williams Hart understand the importance of taking action in the event of a dispute in order to protect the finances and reputation of your business. To speak with a member of our Houston legal team, call us today at (713) 230-2200.

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