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Houston Franchise Dispute Lawyers

As symbiotic as the relationship between a franchisee and a franchisor is intended to be, it is not altogether uncommon for disputes to arise between these two parties. Though some disputes are relatively minor, others may have the capacity to significantly affect the way you run your business or change the way your brand is franchised in the future. As such, if you are involved in any kind of franchise dispute, you should work with an attorney who can help you make informed decisions about the future of your business.

At Williams Hart, our Houston franchise dispute attorneys understand just how much may depend on a favorable resolution of this dispute, and we have the experience and resources necessary to develop a comprehensive legal strategy to protect your company. Our attorneys are prepared to help franchisees and franchisors alike protect their interests as we work toward a resolution of any dispute that arises between the two parties.

Points of Contention that Lead to Franchise Disputes

Franchising allows companies to reach a broader audience without having to directly operate each individual franchised brick and mortar establishment that franchisees run under the name and guidance of the franchisor. The franchising agreements that define the relationship between the involved parties can be incredibly complex, which can, in turn, lead to serious points of contention in the event that either party perceives the other to have breached this contract.

That being said, some of the most commonly cited problems that end up necessitating legal action include the following:

  • Assessing your rights under your franchise agreement
  • Working through misrepresentation or nondisclosure claims
  • Resolving an issue of compliance under the franchise agreement
  • Working through claims of deceptive or otherwise unfair trade practices

While our firm has all of the experience and resources you will need to litigate our way through any franchise dispute you may be involved in, it is important to note that the particulars of your dispute may be better suited to the processes of mediation or arbitration. Once we are able to sit down with you to discuss your dispute, our firm can help you make an informed decision about what method of resolution will be in the best interests of your business.

Consult with a Franchise Dispute Attorney in Houston

If your business or brand has been put in jeopardy due to a franchise dispute, it will be in your best interests to begin speaking with a lawyer about protecting your interests immediately. To speak with a Houston franchise dispute lawyer at Williams Hart about the circumstances of your situation, please call our offices at (713) 230-2200 today.

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