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Houston Energy, Oil, and Gas Litigation Lawyers

In the city of Houston, the energy, oil, and gas sector makes up a large and important industry. The energy industry can be difficult to understand, especially when it comes to the legal requirements that must be met in order to begin work and challenges that arise after the job is complete. Navigating the laws, both state and federal, that apply to the energy sector can be difficult due to the complexities surrounding every aspect of energy extraction. For instance, once an extraction project is allowed to begin, getting it up and running is expensive and any heated disagreement can stop it in its tracks. Additionally, ownership rights of oil and gas can be especially complicated, as different laws govern oil and gas before and after it has been captured.

At Williams Hart, our Houston energy, oil, and gas lawyers have valuable experience litigating complicated energy issues and have reached successful outcomes for many of our past clients. Our legal team is dedicated to helping owners of energy, oil, and gas properties through any number of legal matters that may arise.

Energy, Oil, and Gas Disputes

With stakes as high as they are in the oil and gas industry, disputes are not rare. People will disagree about how to interpret their individual roles in the project and how much they should be paid for their time, work, or land. The most common areas of litigation for energy, oil, and gas at our firm include:

  • Construction Disputes
  • False Claims Act Suits
  • Royalty Disputes

Disagreements that might block the completion of an energy project can be extremely costly for everyone involved. If you are seeking legal counsel for one of the above areas, or with another energy, oil, or gas related issue, please contact us to learn more about how you can help resolve your dispute.

Contact an Energy, Oil and Gas Lawyer in Houston

If you are embroiled in an energy, oil, or gas dispute, contact Williams Hart. With more than 30 years of experience, our legal team is prepared to help you navigate the difficulties associated with energy, oil, and gas litigation. To learn more about your legal rights and the options available to you, call (713) 230-2200 today.

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