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Houston Employment Contract Attorney

Texas operates as an “at-will” employment state, meaning employers have the ability to terminate employment for any reason as long as the termination isn’t unlawful, a violation of discrimination laws, or against terms expressed in an employment contract. Often, this can create confusion for employees who are unsure whether their termination violated a term in their contract. An employment contract usually includes two types of contractual terms—express and implied—making it even more ambiguous when some terms are expressed orally as opposed to being written out.

Knowing whether your employer acted lawfully in their termination of your employment can be very complicated. At Williams Hart, our well-versed Houston employment contract attorney can help you determine whether a breach of contract exists and fight to protect your employment rights if such an infraction has occurred. Contractual disputes can arise out of a variety of circumstances, often coming down to a difference of opinion. While these disagreements may seem difficult to parse through, the assistance of a qualified attorney can guide you through how to move forward.

Factors to Consider in an Employment Contract

Many disputes between an employer and employee can be resolved through arbitration with the presence of an employment contract lawyer to represent your interests. To determine whether a violation exists, basic questions to consider include:

  • Is the contract written or verbal?
  • Is your status of employment as an employee, worker, or independent contractor?
  • Is your contract specific to your position or from an employee handbook?
  • Is arbitration mandatory for disputes, according to the employee handbook?

As an employee, whether recently terminated or not, you are entitled to certain rights that your employer is legally required to adhere to. Because employment contracts can be complex, an employer may be breaching the terms of a contract without even being aware.

Contact an Employment Contract Lawyer in Houston

Although navigating through the landscape of employee termination can be difficult, the Houston employment contract lawyers at Williams Hart have the knowledge and experience necessary to advocate on your behalf and are committed to serving our clients. If you are in need of counsel in an employment dispute, contact our offices at (713) 230-2200 to discuss the details of your case.

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