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Houston Breach of Contract Lawyers

In business transactions, it is not uncommon for an issue to arise that leaves one side displeased. From financial issues to delays in project completion, a number of problems can stress the fundamental agreements within a contract. Unfortunately, when such problems arise, one party may not be able to meet its contractual obligations. This situation is known as a breach of contract. Breaches of contract can significantly hurt your business, but you may be able to remedy the issue by taking legal action.

At Williams Hart, our Houston breach of contract lawyers understand how harmful a breach of contract can be to your business. When you’ve gone through the trouble to hold up your end of a deal and contract partner does not, it can be incredibly frustrating. Our legal team will help you fight to remedy losses and protect your legal rights.

Breach of Contract Remedies

When a contract is breached, the breaching party is legally required to provide a remedy to your party. The three most common remedies include:

  1. Damages: The most common remedy is a damages payment, which can include compensatory damages, nominal damages, punitive damages, and liquidated damages.
  2. Specific Performance: Specific performance allows the harmed party to have the court order the duty specified in the contract to be fulfilled by the breaching party. Specific performance is typically only ordered by a court in rare circumstances, when paying damages is an inadequate solution to the breach.
  3. Cancellation and Restitution: Canceling a contract frees all parties involved from contract specifications, while restitution places the non-breaching party in the original contractual position prior to the breach.

Steps to Follow After a Breach of Contract

  • Parties will usually try to reach an informal agreement regarding the terms of the contract first.
  • If an informal agreement cannot be reached or proves ineffective, you should speak with a lawyer about filing a lawsuit. Depending on the amount of money involved in the contract, you may be able to reach a resolution in small claims court.
  • Rather than a lawsuit, a lawyer may be able to resolve the breach in contract through alternative dispute resolution including mediation or binding arbitration.

Contact a Breach of Contract Lawyer in Houston

A breach of contract is a serious matter as it could result in harmful financial loss for your business. At Williams Hart, our breach of contract lawyers believe that when a contract is signed, all parties should uphold and complete the actions stated in the terms of that contract. With over 30 years of experience, our Houston legal team is prepared to help you find a resolution to such a frustrating circumstance. If you have been harmed financially or otherwise by a breach of contract, call our law offices today for more information at (713) 230-2200.

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