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Houston Class Action Lawyers

When you purchase a product, you expect the product to pass rigorous safety testing. That is why it is so upsetting when a particular product or action brings harm to you, and others. When a large group of people suffers similar harm and many of them decide to file lawsuits against the producer of the harmful product, it can be rolled into what is known as a class action lawsuit.

Though no amount of money can truly make up for the injuries and emotional toil you have experienced, a class action lawsuit may provide you with the compensation you need to recover and move forward. At Williams Hart, our Houston class action lawyers believe that the party that harmed you should be held liable for its actions, especially due to the large number of people negatively affected.

Common Causes of Class Action Suits

Class action suits are not just brought on by a defective product, but also by the negligent or irresponsible actions of business and corporations. The most common causes of class action law suits include:

  • Defective products
  • Medications – especially prescription drugs
  • Cars and recreational vehicles
  • Medical devices
  • Consumer fraud
  • Corporate misconduct
  • Securities fraud
  • Employment practices such as discrimination

If any of the above products or actions brought you harm, you should consider contacting an attorney. You are likely not the only consumer that suffered, and a class action suit may better allow you to fight against large companies.

Class action lawsuits have the benefit of combining thousands of individual cases into a single class action suit. Individuals can choose to either opt into the class or go it alone. Joining the class allows for the abundance of evidence of the individual lawsuits to be shared, creating a clearer image of what is really happening. This reinforcement effect makes a class actions appealing. If a class action succeeds, everyone involved is guaranteed to receive some bit of the compensation. This is not necessarily true in an individual lawsuit, as the number of cases a company may face in these kinds of situations may bankrupt it before your case is handled. An attorney will be able to create a class action suit or help you join an existing class action.

Contact a Class Action Lawyer in Houston

Class action lawsuits are often an effective way for those injured or otherwise harmed to receive the justice and compensation they rightfully deserve. At Williams Hart, our class action lawsuit attorneys know how important compensation is to your recovery, and will fight for the best possible outcome for your case. Forming a class action lawsuit may be the best way to take action against large and powerful companies. If you feel that joining a class action lawsuit may be an option for you, please speak with a member of our Houston legal team by calling us today at (713) 230-2200.

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