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Texas employers sued for not giving overtime pay to workers

A class action complaint was recently filed by a man against his two employers due suspicion that he and other workers were not given their appropriate overtime pay, an SE Texas Record article reported on January 5.

According to reports, Michael Martin had filed the complaint in the Houston Division of the Southern District of Texas on behalf of the current and former employees of Technip USA, Inc., and NES Global LLC. Martin, who works for the two companies as a piping engineer, alleged that his employers did not pay him overtime pay for the excess hours that he consistently worked in a usual given week. The companies have been suspected of violating the Fair Labor Standards Act. A trial by jury is being sought by Martin, so he can possibly recover all the wages he lost during and after employment, which includes expenses incurred during legal procedures.

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Corpus Christi company facing lawsuits over chemical leak

A Corpus Christi asphalt company is facing several lawsuits after the chemical from their facility contaminated the city’s water supply, an article of WILX 10 reported on December 17.

Officials reportedly warned area residents and business owners not to drink or use the water because it may have been contaminated by a chemical leak from the Valero-owned Ergon Asphalt and Emulsion Inc. Reports revealed that over six lawsuits were filed against Ergon and its owner after officials on December 14 were notified of the chemical leak. The lawsuits claimed that businesses in the area were badly affected by the leak and the company should be punished for exposing the public to toxic chemicals. A spokesperson for the asphalt company declined to comment on the lawsuit and said they have coordinated with state officials to restore safe water.

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Toyota could pay $3.4B in class action lawsuit

Japanese automaker Toyota may agree to settle over $3.4 billion after losing in a class action lawsuit in the U.S. filed on behalf of various Toyota vehicle owners who have claimed that their vehicles are prone to corrosion, an article of Autoweek reported on November 14.

Reports said a class action lawsuit filed against Toyota claimed that the previous models of Tundra, Tacoma, and Sequoia vehicles have been manufactured with insufficient “rust protection.” The lawsuit claimed that the overall structure of the affected vehicles have been compromised as it became more susceptible to corrosion. There were reportedly more than 1.5 million vehicles are affected by the problem and it would need approximately $15,000 to repair each vehicle. In addition to the repair cost, $90 million is also being sought from Toyota to cover inspection cost of the affected vehicles.

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Yahoo! riddled with lawsuits after huge data breach

The California technology company Yahoo! is facing 23 lawsuits months after they announced the data of millions of users was illegally accessed in late 2014, an article of Business Insider reported on November 9.

Reports say the data breach, which was revealed last September, is expected to affect the financial status of Yahoo! in the future after dozens of lawsuits were filed against them. The Sunnyvale-based search engine giant provided the SEC with more information regarding the data breach, which affected 500 million accounts. In a statement, Yahoo! said the issue is currently under investigation and they are working with various federal agencies regarding the matter. The 23 plaintiffs who are seeking a class action status was also confirmed by the company. Though the massive data breach could result in fewer people using Yahoo! products, CEO Marissa Mayer expressed her happiness for existing users who are loyal to the company.

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