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Why Low-Wage Workers Are More Vulnerable to Being Cheated Out of Pay

Employers cheating their workers of pay is not a new trend and unfortunately remains an ongoing issue in spite of modern employment laws and standards. To make matters worse, those that are systematically cheated of their pay more than any other group are the ones that need the full amount of their wages the most: low-wage workers. A recent report from the National Employment Law Project found that more than half of the low-wage workers in New York City alone are cheated of their already minimal income and the average low-wage worker lost about $3,000 each year from not being paid overtime, minimum wage, and other employment standards. Some of the reasons why low-wage workers are more vulnerable than other groups to being cheated of pay include:

  1. Workers do not have the resources to fight back: Many low-wage workers are working paycheck to paycheck and do not have the resources to adequately fight back against employers who cheat them of their wages. Employers have this knowledge and use it to exploit workers they know are less likely to report them or legally fight back.
  2. Employers can more easily find loopholes to not pay employees fairly: Among low-wage jobs, there are more loopholes to get out of fairly paying workers, such as asking for additional work to be done off the clock or taking a portion of tips from workers in tip-based industries.
  3. Employees rely on their income and fear losing their jobs: For many employees, the wages they make, though often meager, are vital to their survival and often the survival of their loved ones. For this reason, many employees do not come forward or leave their job, even when they are being cheated, because they cannot afford to lose even an income that is being taken advantage of.

If you are currently being cheated of the wages you deserve by your employer for whatever reason, there is legal help for your situation. Williams Hart is dedicated to ensuring all of our clients obtain the wages they have worked for and additional compensation for the wrongs perpetrated against them. For more information about how to fight back for your rightful wages or to speak to any of our qualified Houston wage and hour disputes attorneys, please contact us at (713) 230-2200 today.

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