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Corpus Christi company facing lawsuits over chemical leak

A Corpus Christi asphalt company is facing several lawsuits after the chemical from their facility contaminated the city’s water supply, an article of WILX 10 reported on December 17.

Officials reportedly warned area residents and business owners not to drink or use the water because it may have been contaminated by a chemical leak from the Valero-owned Ergon Asphalt and Emulsion Inc. Reports revealed that over six lawsuits were filed against Ergon and its owner after officials on December 14 were notified of the chemical leak. The lawsuits claimed that businesses in the area were badly affected by the leak and the company should be punished for exposing the public to toxic chemicals. A spokesperson for the asphalt company declined to comment on the lawsuit and said they have coordinated with state officials to restore safe water.

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