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Texas woman files wrongful termination against employer

A Texas woman who previously worked as a general manager of a Canadian company based in Beaumont, recently filed a lawsuit against her ex-employer due to allegations that she had suffered financial problems after being wrongfully terminated from her job, an article of SE Texas Record reported on November 30.

In the lawsuit filed by Christi Hartsfield, her former employer “Fastenal Company of Moose Jaw” wrongfully terminated her in 2014 after she had requested a co-employee to show up on a conference call to represent her. Hartsfield alleged that drastic employment actions were done to her and she had been repeatedly discriminated for being a woman. Hartsfield, who had claimed that the wrongful termination also resulted in her having difficulty to find a similar job, is seeking to recover all the finances she lost including all the expenses incurred in the trial.

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