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Biggest Threats to a Company’s Security Could Come From Within

John Carlin, Assistant Attorney General for National Security, recently shed light on the threat of insider theft following the arrest of a Maryland man accused of stealing government secrets. While companies make it a priority to implement rock-solid defenses against security breaches from the outside, they often don’t have programs that are as strong in place for insider threats. According to the charges, the individual in question was an NSA contractor that impermissibly took home confidential code. Although the case is government sealed and explicit details were not released, Carlin did comment that the unauthorized disclosure or theft of sensitive information directly impacts the ability to protect against risk.

Carlin, who represents the Department of Justice, placed emphasis on the importance of putting proper precautions in place against those you trust; while companies cringe at the thought of an insider betrayal happening right under their nose, Tom Fanning—CEO and president of energy firm The Southern Company—says that organizations should place as much emphasis on safeguarding against people as is placed on protecting devices and servers. To prepare against such insider attacks, it is recommended that companies always “expect and prepare for the worst,” along with being meticulous in controlling what level of access each employee is allowed.

Compromised cyber-security and theft of trade secrets presents a major risk to companies and governments everywhere. If your company is experiencing internal theft of confidential information, don’t hesitate to call Williams Hart at (713) 230-2200 to discuss the details of your case.

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